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Whats new?

2015-08-06 Some Documents for TAR is linked to ULS2002.

2015-08-06 Company move to Yuseong. Refer to company registeration.

2015-08-06 MCA ULS1216 rbf file is upgraded.



-      ULS1216 Multi Channel Analyzer(MCA)

-      ULS2002 Time Amplitude Recorder(TAR)

-      ULS2040 4-channel New Time Amplitude Recorder(TAR)

-      ULS75200 Pico Ammeter Module

-      Link to old web uls.co.kr.



DAVT 1705, 59 Oncheon-ro Yuseong, Daejeon, 34186, KOREA

: +82-10-2474-3490, +82-70-8699-3490

email: han@uls.co.kr